“When You Come Back, I Might Be Dead”

I'm planning on publishing volume two of The Lesbian Lives Project in October this year, you can download the first 37 pages of the book here, and pre-order your copy now! The book is called "When You Come Back, I Might Be Dead. Black Lesbians in Johannesburg and a Constitution's Promise," and it's available in English and German, in a bilingual edition.

Now, you might ask yourself: Why should I pre-order the book? The reasons are threefold.


First, the print run of this edition is limited. By pre-ordering, you make sure that you’ll own a copy before the volume sells out.


Second, you’ll support a long-term journalistic project that is truly independent. Every franc, euro, and dollar counts, and helps me to continue this project and investigate what it means to live as a lesbian in today’s world.


Third, you’ll get your copy delivered to your home, way before it hits bookstores, and before the official launch as well.


So, you can now go ahead and hit “order!”

About This Book:
Black lesbians from South African townships are often raped and sometimes killed by men, to teach them a lesson, to turn them into “real”—meaning: heterosexual—women. These hate crimes, for various reasons, are rarely persecuted, even though the country’s constitution protects lesbians from discrimination and grants them full equality. The book investigates the discrepancy between the progressive South African laws and the dismal situation on the ground, and provides insight into what it means to live as a black lesbian in Johannesburg today.


* The volume will be published in the fall of 2019
* Written and photographed by Elisabeth Real; designed by Resort
* Translation into German by Daniela Beuren; English text edited by Lisa Rosenblatt
* Color photographs, text in German and English, 448 pages, 23 by 31cm.


Über dieses Buch:
In den Townships von Südafrika kommt es oft zu Vergewaltigungen bis hin zu Morden an schwarzen Frauen durch Männer, die ihnen eine Lektion erteilen und sie zu „richtigen“ – das heisst, heterosexuellen – Frauen machen wollen. Zwar schützt die Verfassung Südafrikas Lesben vor Diskriminierung und garantiert ihnen volle Gleichstellung, doch werden solche Hassverbrechen selten verfolgt. Dieses Buch untersucht die Kluft zwischen den fortschrittlichen Gesetzen Südafrikas und der tristen Realität und gibt Einblicke in den Alltag von schwarzen Lesben im heutigen Johannesburg.


* Dieser Band wird im Herbst 2019 gedruckt und publiziert
* Geschrieben und fotografiert von Elisabeth Real; Design von Resort
* Übersetzung ins Deutsche von Daniela Beuren, lektoriert von Lisa Rosenblatt
* Farbfotografien, zweisprachige Ausgabe (deutsch und englisch), 448 Seiten, 448 pages, 23 x 31cm