Summer in Zurich and Mada

In The Great Suburban Showdown Billy Joel sang: “I’ve been gone for a while, made some changes in my style, and they say I can’t go home anymore to where the streets all look the same and I have to play the game…I’m only coming home to say good-bye,” and that’s exactly how this summer felt to me: I came back from Madagascar at the end of May, stayed until the open air pools closed four months later and left for Mada again. (I could get used to such a cyle.)


Here are a few pictures I managed to snap in between, in lose order: Brunch preparations at home, the Lido Locarno pool, new mama Michelle, hiking with Marthi for The Lesbian Lives Project, an early morning taxi ride to Ivato airport, 5R-FLY zooming by Kilo Bravo, le commandant le plus beau du monde, a chameleon, on assignment at Masoala Forest Lodge, Maroantsetra city and l’aĆ©rodrome (my favorite airport in the world), Antananarivo chaos, my room at the monastery, Jacaranda season and Lac Anosy, Good Look cigarettes, now I’ve really had it with these m*f* avions on these m*f* planes (but the type is still so beautiful), and various swimming pools around Tana.