Recent Portraits

Some nice and compact portrait jobs I recently shot in Switzerland for Wir Eltern and in Madagascar for Annabelle. Read the article about volunteers here and the story of a young woman who didn't know she was pregnant until she delivered her daughter here. And to find out what masseuse Francia bought with her first salary, click here.

Swiss Paralympic Athletes, for The New York Times

On a recent Saturday in November, I walked up to a newsstand at Times Square, purchased the local paper (haha), and was delighted to find a story I recently shot for them on the front page of their sports section! (I then proceeded to shoot said front page on the A train with my phone from all angles.)

Work in Progress: Surf of Clans Sambava

When I was in Sambava to shoot the vanilla story, I started surfing and hanging out with the Surf of Clans gaong (boys), the local surf crew. Yoyo, Coco, Vario, Valérien, Paul, Lego, Nora and Olidano Colonel welcomed me with a particular mix of warmth, curiosity and heavy sarcasm that is unique to Malagasy people.