Underground Art

In the 1.5 weeks we spent in Tehran, a city with a population of more than 8 million, we hardly saw any graffitis or stencils. The city is dominated by Islamic Republic propaganda. We did see and photograph three stencils, however, and saw one beautification project, that, really, is beautiful.

Young Woman In Darabad

A young woman praying, listening to music from her car and enjoying the sunset over Tehran, Iran. October 13, 2015

Murals, Murals, Nothing But Murals

When I was passing through Tehran on the way to a photo assignment in 2014, I was immediately fascinated (in a morbid way) by the thousands of murals I saw throughout the city.

Beautiful And Brilliant Shiva

Shiva, our lovely new Iranian-German friend, made our Iran trip so incredibly interesting that I need to dedicate a post to her and her alone.

Back From Iran

After three weeks in Iran, I’m so happy and relieved to be back in Europe! We had an interesting, exotic, and often exciting and wonderful time. We felt very welcome by the Iranian people and their famous hospitality, but, as time went by, deeply unrelaxed about traveling in a dictatorial theocratic regime.