Isle of Skye — It Begins

Alas, after twenty days of traveling, I find myself back in the office again. I took the train to Brussels (meh), to London (swingin' as always) and to Scotland, more specifially the spectacular Isle of Skye, where I really got my landscape photography game on. I was just blown away by the light! The landscapes! The rainbows! The drama! I could have snapped a thousand pictures a day and wanted to walk the entire island.

Speaking of Pontresina…

A few weeks ago, I spent two beautiful days in the Engadin with my mom, my brother and his girlfriend.

From Zermatt to Pontresina

Last September, Schweizer Familie kindly sent me on another train trip through Switzerland — coincidentally it was the exact same train with the exact same crew on the exact same tracks as the year before.

Crazy Faith

For DIE ZEIT, I photographed four ladies talking about feminism, faith and religion. Read the (very interesting) article here. And listen to Alison Krauss' "Crazy Faith." March 2016

Mama Rocks And Rolls

In January, I was able to shoot another really nice story for Wir Eltern magazine.