In June, I collaborated with agency emoticom on the brand new Swisscom career and jobs website. We shot in offices, parks, cafés, trains (and on the mean streets of Zollikofen). It's rare for me as a photographer to be involved in a project right from the start, and it was really cool to work with an agency that valued my input in the planning phase.


—and the livin' is easy! Alas, though, so far my summer has been dominated by work (and early morning swimming sessions across the lake). Only last week I've had a bit of time to play: A hike on the Schächentaler Höhenweg and Marthi's relatives (who are so lucky to witness this picture-perfect landscape every day!); post-swim coffee with Ina, Frank and Felix; a boat ride on a rainy day; brushing teeth at dusk; and a still life à la Wolfgang Tillmans.

Sara In Copenhagen

In February this year, I accompanied Sara to Copenhagen. Sara is one half of the lovely couple I interview and photograph for my book project about lesbian lives. She and her wife Carmen are trying to get pregnant with their second child. This was their second attempt.

God And The World — 2

Elisabeth and Marthi are a lesbian couple living in Bürglen UR. In September 2014, they had their civil union registered, and a month later invited their friends and families to a benediction ceremony in the local church. As the bells tolled, the town's Catholic pastor, Wendelin Bucheli, blessed them in front of sixty guests. Afterwards, everyone got together for drinks and dinner. "It was just like a wedding," they told me. "We had a wonderful day."  

God And The World — 1

Wendelin Bucheli is a Catholic pastor in Bürglen, in the Swiss canton of Uri. In October 2014, Wendelin blessed a lesbian couple in the local church. As a consequence, he was fired by his boss, Bishop Vitus Huonder. After a massive public outcry and much media attention, Wendelin was finally allowed to stay on as a priest in Bürglen. In order to keep his job, he had to sign an official declaration, promising to abstain from same-sex benediction ceremonies in the future.

Resolutions, Revisited

Last Christmas, as I was reminiscing about the past year, I talked about how I was trying to live a life with less waste and consumption, in the hope of reducing my eco-footprint. I also vowed to never shop at a chain supermarket ever again because I witnessed first hand how much food they throw away.
Now, six months later, it’s time to look back and evaluate how I am doing. So in an attempt to find a topic to blog about and also hopefully inspire others a little bit, here’s a recap of my successes and failings so far.

Roundup and Outlook — Eurocup Edition

I am currently shooting lots of corporate imagery for Swisscom and LafargeHolcim as well as a travel feature for Schweizer Familie. There is not yet much to round up and look out to, but I will have tons of content soon! As long as the torrential rains keep falling, there is nothing better than staying indoors, cozily watching the Eurocup on one monitor while retouching pictures on the other one.