I Decided to Stop Working as a Photographer

I started doing small assignments in 1998, when I was a sweet 19, and continued working full-time as a photographer until the end of last year. Now, after 23 years, I'm calling it quits. The photo and journalism industry has completely fallen apart in recent years, and it's actually surprising to me that I've survived so long. (Read more.)

Hortense Anda-Bührle

Ten years ago, I photographed Hortense Anda-Bührle for du magazine. Anda-Bührle was an entrepreneur, art collector, and the daughter of a controversial arms manufacturer. At one point, she was the wealthiest woman in the wealthiest country on earth.

Die Achtsamkeit des Langstreckenläufers

Scroll down for English                  Der Genfer Leichtathletiker und Europa-Rekordhalter Julien Wanders bereitet sich in Kenia auf seine ersten Olympischen Spiele vor. Ein grosser Teil des Trainings besteht darin, sich mental für den Event zu stählen. Ein Besuch vor Ort.

Un-Learning Limits

Für deutsch bitte runterscrollen.                  The Swiss long-distance runner Julien Wanders has lived and trained in Kenya for seven years. Observations.     —           It's eight-thirty on a Wednesday morning in February. Julien Wanders speeds over the country road from Eldoret to Iten at 140 kilometers per hour. A hip hop track called “I'm the boss” is blasting on the stereo. His colleagues are sitting in the back of the car, chatting happily, scrolling on their cell phones, the mood is relaxed. Wanders calls his girlfriend Kolly while on the road and says, “We're done with track, we'll be there soon for breakfast!”