Mora Mora — 1

I just came back from a wonderful vacation in Madagascar where I stayed at the Masoala Forest Lodge on the Masoala peninsula. I flew to Maroantsetra from Antananarivo by private plane and was met by the Blue Fin boat crew for the two-hour boat transfer across Antongila Bay. Staying at the lodge and exploring the rainforest with trusted guide Elysee was one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had and I loved every second of it. I even loved the incessant rain and the fact that my camera stopped working after two days (it got soaked in my backpack). I mean: How adventurous!?

When You Come Back, I Might Be Dead — 2017

Last week, I returned from a three-week reportage trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. Thanks to my fantastic fixer and confidante Matshidiso "Manika" Mofokeng, I was able to kick ass, take names, and pretty much finish up the South African chapter of my Lesbian Lives Project book series. All that's left for me to do now is to transcribe a ton of interviews and edit five years worth of copy...which I will do with pleasure. Making a book is so much fun! (I'm being serious: There is nothing more satisfying in the world to me than seeing a book slowly come together.)

Mora Mora — 2

More Mada love: Antananarivo, the airport bar in Maroantsetra, the view on the way back to Tana from 5R-MVO, Ambohimanga and pool players, Nosy Iranja (aka tropical paradise where I swam with sea turtles), and a couple of shots from the car on Nosy Be.

Roundup And Outlook Into 2017

Here are all the highs and lows of this year, a roundup and an outlook, in consecutive order. First things first: I’ve been swimming my heart out! I’ve really fallen hard for this sport and will continue to swim (almost) every day next year. Thank Goodness the Olympics were on in August and I could additionally geek out and stalk the world’s top swimmers during this week of pure bliss and nail-biting TV watching!