Two Moms

Journalist Manuela von Ah and I recently published an article about Sara and Carmen Keller's beautiful family in Wir Eltern, a Swiss parenting magazine.

Tourism In Iran!?

When we came back from our vacation in Iran last October, many people asked us: "Wasn't it dangerous traveling in Iran? Did you have to have a guide with you at all times? Did you really wear hijab clothes all the time? Like, even while walking on a deserted road in the heat?" etc. etc. The answers to these questions are not at all, no, yes, and yes, absolutely.

Roundup And Outlook

2016 is here! And with it, rain, snow, lots of new work and new business opportunities. Yay!

Ho Ho Ho It’s A Christmas Rant!

I'm closing down the office and studio (=storage unit at my hairdresser's next door) for the holidays today while reminiscing a bit about this year.

By The Caspian Sea

We were invited to joing a group of Tehrani friends on a trip to Gilan province, by the Caspian Sea.