Wir Journalistinnen

I was recently interviewed* for a web series about women journalists. The video (14:26) is in Swiss German, with German subtitles. Watch it here.

Die Achtsamkeit des Langstreckenläufers

Scroll down for English                  Der Genfer Leichtathletiker und Europa-Rekordhalter Julien Wanders bereitet sich in Kenia auf seine ersten Olympischen Spiele vor. Ein grosser Teil des Trainings besteht darin, sich mental für den Event zu stählen. Ein Besuch vor Ort.

Chasing Swell, Raising Hell

Last February (which seems an eternity ago), I spent a couple of weeks in Durban, South Africa, reporting on a surf program for homeless children. The assignment—for various reasons, one of them being Covid-19—was never completed, and I hope to find a good home for this story next year. For now, here are a few pictures in front of and behind the scenes.